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23 August, 2023



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Author : Chairperson Publications , BSSS IAS

BSSS Institute of Advanced Studies promoted by the Archdiocese of Bhopal, which stands in a responsible position to meet the educational requirements of the changing scenario constantly striving to update itself and accordingly respond to the needs of all concerned stakeholders.

The journey of life is like a fascinating mosaic, woven with threads of obstacles, triumphs, and, most significantly, lessons that enlighten our way. As we begin on this journey of learning specially in our MBA, we are shaped into skilled professionals, equipped to traverse the corporate world, much as the shift from academics to the dynamic sphere of industry.

Change is the one constant in today's ever-changing educational scene. Academic knowledge remains a solid pillar in the middle of this upheaval. However, in this day and age, education goes beyond textbooks and lectures. It includes engaging real-life experiences that shape students' practical skills. The move from the classroom to the workplace necessitates a bridge based on academic competence and strengthened by the essence of real-world experience.

Academic institutions, notably prestigious ones like BSSS IAS, play an important role in developing the cornerstone of industries—the workforce. This nurturing process develops professionals who graduate from these schools, much like a factory's output with different price tags dependent on raw material quality. Academic institutions stand tall as testaments, creating competent people crucial to industrial success, just as the industry lives on the calibre of these specialists.

The relationship between raw material quality and the value of the finished product is not limited to industry; it also resonates inside academic institutions. Each institute's different method to grooming its students determines their uniqueness. This diversity reflects the multiplicity of grooming approaches, resulting in professionals that think critically, create fiercely, and adjust to the demands of the corporate arena seamlessly.

The search of skills has surpassed the pursuit of simple knowledge in the dynamic field of education. The actual world, like the corporate world, thrives on skills such as efficient communication, proficient problem-solving, and harmonic teamwork. Real-world settings in education lay the way for students to thrive in varied business environments.

Throughout this journey, keep in mind that education is a never-ending quest. Beyond the gates of these institutions is a vast world full of new experiences and challenges. Self-awareness serves as a compass, directing you on your journey. You create your path to success by identifying your basic principles and accepting change.

The link between academics and industry is more than just a tangible connection; it is a conduit for information, development, and change. As we cross this bridge in our MBA programme, let us remember that the information developed inside these walls serves as the basis for industries. BSSS IAS exemplifies the amicable cohabitation of academics and industry, moulding professionals who gracefully traverse life's complexities with sagacity and persistence.


Mr. Vijay Jasuja's ideas illustrate the way towards integrating academics and the business sector.